Bad Things Comin'

That last panel is my favorite José face of all time.


The Huldufolk are widely considered to be a race of invisible spirits the size of humans. "Huldufolk" literally means "Invisible Folk." However, these definitely are not Middle Earth elves; the Huldufolk have a reputation for being a bit.... malevolent. In Icelandic folklore, they are believed to be the souls of the very first human beings, forced out of the ground through volcanic activity, and when they're upset bad things happen. These "bad things" involve crop failures, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and random oddities happening to real people such as unexplained burns and bruises. Reading through the various testimonies of Icelanders who claim to have had dealings with, or known people who have had dealings with the elves, one is left with the distinct impression the relationship between human and Huldufolk is one of appeasement as opposed to mutual love and affection.

It's very important to understand the people of Iceland are not an uneducated lot; on the contrary, Iceland has one of the world's leading public education systems and some of the world's finest universities and research facilities (see the Blue Lagoon). Iceland is easily one of the world's most isolated countries in terms of geography, and is subject to some of the most extreme weather Mother Nature has to offer. It snows more than 6 months of the year, but then there are place with so much seismic activity below the surface you can feel the heat of the earth through your shoes. Caught in the middle of these cataclysmic events, Icelanders from back in the day needed a way to explain the random, vicious acts of Mother Nature. It was from this need to explain things the Huldufolk arose, and it is taken seriously to this day.

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