Not Munchkins, Huldufolk

I have been waiting since the start of this Iceland story arc to post this strip.


The Huldufolk are a staple of Icelandic myths and folklore. To this day, many Icelanders believe in the Huldufolk, although this belief is more pronounced in the countryside than in the cities. Crossing the countryside it is not uncommon to see tiny houses, maybe knee-high, dotting the landscape. Their placement isn't random, however; wherever a house is placed it is believed some of the Huldufolk live, and the houses and area surrounding them are treated with respect.

Sw1tchBl4de from Deviant Art helped with the coloring, and did an AMAZING job at it. Without his help biweekly updates would not have been possible. I can't stress enough what a great artist this guy is and the level of work he put into helping me with these. You should definitely go check out his work!