Still Grounded

It is winter in the JC universe!

When I drew these strips as a kid I was very, very careful to keep a timeline running in my head of where the characters were throughout the year. Many of my favorite comic strips I read in the newspaper every morning would write according to a yearly timeline, and the seasons and holidays in their strips often corresponded with the real world. "Just Caitlin" was originally designed to be the same way.

Although I made the decision to forego publishing my comic through a syndicate, JC will still have changing seasons and a flow of time to the strip. Does this mean the characters will age and grow older as the strip goes on? No, not really. If they do it will be very, very slowly, a la strips like Baby Blues and Zits. The seasons will definitely change though; the school years will begin and end, and the kids will be doing silly kid things throughout. ^_^