Don't Look Down

Best. Joseph Face. Ever.


The Westfjords are home to Látrabjarg, the westernmost point in Iceland. Látrabjarg contains one of the North Atlantic's longest bird cliffs, and millions of puffins, gannets, razorbills and guillemots nest here. The cliff face faces away from the brunt of the wind from the sea, making it an ideal place for nesting and bird-watching. The cliffs rise as high as 441m tall (about 1,446.85 feet) but are not for the faint of heart, due to the how steep and tall they are. And then of course, you have the Aurora at night.

Sw1tchBl4de from Deviant Art helped with the coloring, and did an AMAZING job at it. Without his help biweekly updates would not have been possible. I can't stress enough what a great artist this guy is and the level of work he put into helping me with these. You should definitely go check out his work!