Practice Makes Perfect

I absolutely love Caitlin's interactions with her dad. There's something about the way he handles her nonsense that reminds me of the way my dad would sometimes deal with my siblings and me.

This is the beginning of the strips drawn in 2013! This page was fully inked 06/16/2013! It was really hard to go back and try to draw these characters the way I'd drawn them 3 years prior, but it was a good challenge and I feel it ended well. The biggest difference you will see in these strips is the inking; I've never been particularly good at digital backgrounds, and I don't think it looked as good as I would've liked. In 2013, as I was running out of the original 2010 strips, I decided to start inking the backgrounds more fully. There will still be SOME digital backgrounds, but not like there used to be. I personally consider this to be a huge improvement, all things considered.

Some readers had expressed concern a shift in the art would mean a change in the overall style of JC, and even more importantly a change in the major overarcing storylines. Never fear; the drawings of the characters will remain as they always were, albeit cleaner, and in no way have I abandoned the main storylines. The important part of the strip-- the character development and the stories-- will continue unhindered.