Time To GO

This strip represents something of a turning point in the JC comics... Back in 2010 when I was re-drawing all these strips, I was also trying to get a syndicate to pick up my work. That obviously never happened. However, during the submission process and as I continued to think about whether or not I wanted to have my strips syndicated, I realized when it came down to it I did NOT want them syndicated or published by someone else. I also realized syndicated newspaper strips have poor art quality because the panels are so small most artists are trying desperately not to draw too much detail for fear the audience is unable to read them. This combination of realizations let me to the ultimate realization: I very much hated the idea of altering my art because a syndicate tells me they do or don't want to see something and therefore will or will not publish it... and I hated the idea of altering my art to satisfy newspapers just as much.

It was around this time I decided to say "forget this" and I started very slowly dedicating more time to drawing in backgrounds as I drew the comics. You'll slowly start seeing more inked backgrounds and a little less all-digital backgrounds. I tried to do it gradually so it didn't end up being a shock, but I'll be the first to admit it's a slow transition that will inevitably get corrected or fixed in Photoshop as I go through and color these.