Aunt Marge Makes Her Debut

Ahh, Aunt Marge. What would this strip do without you? Aunt Marge is one of the characters whose appearance did not change at all during the re-draw/re-write phase of Just Caitlin. As a kid, Aunt Marge's character was so gleefully oppressive I decided it had to be her to help open the strip. Looking back years later, this was a pretty good idea, considering Aunt Marge's behavior is the perfect catalyst to get Caitlin into Obnoxious Mode.

And for those of you who are wondering: NO, THERE IS NO REAL-LIFE AUNT MARGE! Aunt Marge is 100% completely fictional; if there were a real-life Aunt Marge she would never have made it into the strip, as I strove just as hard then as I do now to keep the real world out of Just Caitlin. Back, Real World, back!