In Motion

This image started out as practice for strip 218, and then I decided I liked it and wanted to color it... so I did! I was going to shade it but two things stopped me. First, not all the poses are full-body and two of them are more static. Second, the very first post in the upper left-hand corner was penciled in instead of inked. I was originally thinking I would just shade these with pencils but then I didn't like how the pencils looked, so I inked the rest.

After I finished coloring this I realized each of her full-body poses could be traced with a triangle. FYI young or aspiring artists: assigning shapes to poses is a fun way to define the movements of your characters. Especially with humans you can assign a basic shape to any pose you can create. This is a neat way to establish things like perspective and motion. And sometimes it's just fun. ^_^

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