Halloween Cats

This... really happened. Seriously. My cats wouldn't be scary if you stuck them in a haunted mansion with actual witches and ghosts. I'm convinced they would just chase the ghosts around, then curl up into cute black balls of fluff and take a nap. 

I actually wanted to post this last year but because I was in the process of moving and trying to keep my other comic strips going it never got done. It has been sitting on my desk for almost a year now, waiting to be finished, and I've been sitting on it until Halloween of this year because you can't post a Halloween comic over Valentine's Day. It just doesn't work like that. 

Original comic drawn on 3 sheets of 300-weight bristol board, drawn with Derwent graphic drawing pencils and edited and colored in Adobe Photoshop CS5. This image is Copyright 2016 Caitlin Baner, all rights reserved.