Chinese Fireworks WIP

This is a preview of a "Just Caitlin" image I am working on. The kids are getting ready to light off wayyyyy too many fireworks to celebrate the Chinese New Year. I drafted this while in China (sometime February 2016), and only recently (July 3rd, 2016) did I finish inking it. It wasn't super hard to ink... It took so long because the original art accidentally got buried under other drawings and I only just found it. My bad. No edits have been made to this posting except to filter out the blue sketch lines.

Fun story: While I was drawing this in an airport preparing to take off for Beijing my flight got delayed by several hours, which I took as a sign from the Art Gods it was time to draw a picture. There were several children playing nearby and one or two of them noticed I was drawing something. One girl in particular became very curious and really, really, REALLY wanted to see what I was doing, but was too shy to come up and ask. Instead, she hovered around the periphery trying to catch a glimpse every chance she got. As I kept drawing, she slowly got closer and closer until eventually she was leaning right up against me as I drew. Personally I found the entire thing hilarious, but her mother panicked when she noticed until I explained I didn't mind. At that point the little girl began to educate me about China, telling me Beijing was the Chinese capital city and informing me what her favorite foods were. I actually already knew most of the things she was telling me, but speaking to a young child in Chinese was nice because I was operating at an elementary level of Chinese myself. We understood each other very well!

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