Working Overtime

True story. 

This took WAY longer than I intended to put together; I have been so outrageously busy these days, and on top of that I ended up putting far more detail into this drawing than I'd originally intended. But about 6 weeks after I started it, it is now finished. I also learned that drawing myself tired in effect makes me feel very tired, which meant I had to keep putting this down after drawing part of a panel. That yawn killed me. 

Actually, this strip made me chuckle a bit because I'm always telling people I will not do a strip about a cartoonist. I've had so many people suggest to me over the years I should draw a strip about a cartoonist trying to make a living off their art (which is what I'm trying to do), and my answer to that is always the same: No. I dislike the idea for several reason (to say nothing of the fact I believe there's a cartoon out there about being a cartoonist). It would be a niche comic, and there simply aren't enough people out there who aspire to be professional cartoonists to make it worth my while. Plus, that'd be a little too tongue-in-cheek bordering on self-serving for my taste. I will admit the idea of putting together a graphic novel about someone trying to become a cartoonist could be neat if the focus of the novel was on trying to reach one's goals as opposed to focusing on the fact it's a cartoonist does sit nicely in my mind... But that would be years and years down the road if it ever happens at all. 

This image Copyright 2015 Caitlin Baner, all rights reserved. Original drawing drawn on two sheets of 11x17" 300-weight bristol, drawn with Derwent and Staedtler graphic drawing pencils. 

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