DK: Harvest Festival 2013

My entry for the 2013 Dreamkeepers Halloween Art Contest, and also my excuse for failing to update JC two weeks ago. I'm super excited to say I actually won Best Overall Art for this contest (the top prize) despite some seriously fantastic art from the other contestants! This is officially the first time I've ever won a contest of any sort for my art. Woot!

This piece also contains Original Characters (OC's) belonging to several other artists. All OC's were used with the artist's permission. The following OC's were used with permission: Maero, Ivy, Isura, Isaac, Lee, Mandor, Skye, Hiroku, Vyse, Kyle, Pyro, Ran, Cohen, Tango, Argadious, Lora, Leviticus, and Halcyon. For full credits and links to these awesome artists' various OC's, please visit this picture in my DeviantArt gallery. The OC Caier belongs to me. The entry in the DA gallery also provides an explanation of the 18 Harvest Festival bead images hidden throughout the picture, as well as reference links.

This piece takes place in the Dreamworld of the Dreamkeepers Graphic Novel Saga. Many of the characters from the book appear in this piece and are Copyright David and Liz Lillie. Characters that are not OCs and not characters from the books were made up by me.

Original drawing done using 3 sheets of 11 x 17" bristol using Derwent Graphic drawing pencils (a nod to the fact the DK novels are drawn with pencils. It was colored in Adobe Photoshop CS5.

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