COMMISSION: Hold These For Me?

Fun backstory to this commission: This piece was commissioned by a therapist. She told me she wanted a little girl and her gaurdian angel walking side-by-side down the beach. The angel was to be holding the words "worries," "fears," and "anxieties" in his hands in a sort of glowing orb, and his robes needed to have flowing pastel colors.

This particular therapist works mostly with children, many of them young girls between the ages of 6 and 12. One little girl in particular was struggling with all the issues going on in her life, and the therapist suggested when the girl felt worried, fearful, or anxious, that she imagine walking down the beach with her gaurdian angel to make her feel safe. The therapist said the little girl perked up at once and said "And my angel can hold onto all my problems for me!!!" This is the image that popped into the therapist's head, and thus I was commissioned.

I had a LOT of fun with this piece, and I'm especially pleased with how the beach came out. Typically when I do minimalist stuff like calm beach scenes it comes out pretty flat and boring, but this I'm actually pretty pleased with.

Original drawing done on 11x17" sheet of bristol, inked with Winsor & Newton Series 7 #2 sable brush, colored in Adobe CS5.

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