Yes, I Am Old

This comic was drawn for my 25th birthday... I feel so much older on account of hitting the big 25. :/

This comic was fun to put together because I've never drawn myself interacting with the "Just Caitlin" characters before. It's a bit of a deja-vu feeling because Caitlin is, well, me. A much younger, not-25-year-old-me, but me nonetheless. (Also: Juan is one of the main characters in Just Caitlin, although he hasn't been introduced yet. He will be very shortly though.) Since this comic has no place in the regular JC lineup, but was fairly well put together, I decided to throw it here in the gallery.

All characters Copyright 2012 Caitlin Baner, all rights reserved.

Drawn on 200-weight sheet of bristol, inked with Winsor&Newton 7 Series #2 Sable brush, colored in Adobe CS5.

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