Wall Art

These are pictures of huge art pieces on my wall. None of these characters belongs to me, they are all fanarts, and each of them was done using a reference picture. These were drawn while I was in college in 2009 and 2010 to help combat the beige wall colors in my dorm room. I used paper from those huge paper bolts used for classrooms and bulletin boards; unfortunately I no longer have any huge rolls of paper to do cool pictures with. And before anyone points out the obvious, I know the photoshop job sucks... I was just trying to adjust the photos enough to make the drawings themselves pop out. Ignore the cruddy backgrounds, please.

Top Left Corner: Kid Flash; Drawn 10/03/2009; 35" tall, 28" wide
Lower Left Corner: Spiderman; Drawn 01/09/2010; 62" tall, 38" wide
Center: Sora; Drawn 02/20/2010; 78" tall, 38" wide
Top Right Corner: Wolverine; 10/02/2009; 34" tall, 35" wide
Lower Left Corner: Anakin Skywalker; Drawn 04/11/2010; 47" tall, 34" wide

It needs to be mentioned none of these is of my own invention; each of them was drawn using a reference. For Kid Flash, I used the cover of Teen Titans Volume One: A Kid's Game (the cover artist is not mentioned in the credentials). For Spiderman, I used the cover of an issue of the Ultimate Spiderman series written by Brian Micheal Bendis (unfortunately I cannot remember what issue and therefore cannot name the original artist; if anyone recognizes the issue I would be very grateful for the reference information). Sora was drawn using a picture from the Kindom Hearts II game guide. Wolverine was drawn using a picture I found online; the artist was not credited so I don't know who drew it. Anakin was drawn from a photo I found online.

Kid Flash is Copyright DC Comics. Spiderman and Wolverine are Copyright Marvel Comics. Sora is Copyright Square Enix. Anakin is Copyright Lucasfilm Ltd. Again if anyone knows who originally drew Kid Flash, Spiderman and Wolverine I would be very grateful for the artists' names so I can properly credit them.

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