HP: So Close

This was the final of the 3 drawings I did for my siblings for Christmas 2011. Harry Potter chasing the snitch. While I missed the simplicity of the Cinderella picture, all the detail put into this picture was fun in its own way. I personally consider the best part of this picture to be the lake in the background, but that's just me. The depth and flow of motion was pretty okay, too, but I like sparkly things. And the lake is sparkly. Also notable in this piece: this was the first serious picture I've ever done using my new Winsor & Newton sable brushes. It's gonna be hard to go back to the Pocketbrush Pen after learning to use these...

Harry Potter does not belong to me, this is a fanart. Harry Potter is Copyright J.K. Rowling. Drawn on 11x14" sheet of bristol, drafted with a blue drafting pencil, inking done with Winsor & Newton sable brushes, colored in Adobe Photoshop CS5.

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